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Grr Face Definition: The face you make when you feel the combination of irritation and humor at the same time.


People are the oddest breed of all..

I love my job for many reasons, one being that I get to work with dogs all day.
Dogs are simple. If they are mad at you and don't like what you are doing, you will know it. If they are excited to see you, they run up to greet you.
People on the other hand are not so simple. They often hide their feelings, so you may think everything is peachy when really they have hated you from the minute you met. Or even the opposite is somtimes true. You can go on thinking that someone really dislikes you, when really they think you are great and you just don't understand their humor.
You also never know what to expect with people. You can't really catagorize them to know who they are based on certain things about them, though many people try to. Stereotypes never fit completely with any one person.
Dogs on the other hand almost always fit their stereotypes. While they do have their many differences from eachother, I have never met a husky that didn't sing when it got its nails done.